Katrine Suwalski

Saxophonist, composer and band leader

Katrine Suwalski

Saxophonist, composer and band leader


New Album

New Album



17 & 18 June 2022 á 20.30
72, Rue Galande
75005 Paris

2 July 2022 at 9 pm
Rådhusstræde 13, 1.floor
1466 K

Simon Winse (BF/FR): Flute Peule, Ngoni, l’Arc a Bouche, Vocal

Katrine Suwalski (DK): Saxophone, Flute, Vocal

Ayi Solomon (GH/DK): Percussion, Vocal

Press Release


The international Bonnoir Trio is working with the link between jazz and it’s roots in african rhythm.  They draw inspiration from traditional music from Westafrica, nordic music, blues and jazz. Simon plays bamboo flute, N’Goni, and L’Arc a bouche. Katrine plays saxophone and flute, Solomon plays Calabash and djembe. The three musicians are all composers and instrumentalists and they tour all over the world with their music.

Their music is powerful, meditative, lyrical and groovy with lots of space for improvisation.

Simon Winse vocalist, flutist, n’goni player, composer, originally from Burkina Faso but lives in Paris, where he leads his own group Dangada. He has released the CD Dangada (Gigantorium 2018).

Katrine Suwalski saxophonist, composer and front figure of her own group Another World. Co leader of Rhythm & Wind, together with Ghanaian flutist Dela botri. She has released ten CD’s in her own name.

Ayi Solomon percussion, composer. Grew up in Ghana, but has lived in Denmark for 30 years. He is a main figure at the Danish Jazz and World music scene. He is known from  musical cooperations with Palle Mikkelborg, New Jungle Orchestra, Randy Brecker and many more.



En ghanéen, le mot MALA signifie “Je vais chanter!”
Le BonNoir Trio puise ses racines dans la musique traditionelle de l’Afrique de l’Ouest, le blues et le jazz. Leur musique groovy et ouverte au monde, laisse une large place à l’improvisation et à la magie du moment.

Le BonNoir Trio joue ensemble depuis 2016, lorsque Katrine Suwalski (Danemark) et Simon Winse (Burkina Faso/France), se sont rencontrés sur une tournée avec le Há Orchestra au Ghana. C’est ainsi qu’ils ont débuté leur collaboration musicale. Puis Katrine a demandé à son ami de longue date, le percussioniste virtuose Ayi Solomon (Ghana/Danemark) de les rejoindre. Après plusieurs concerts au Danemark, en France et au Burkina Faso, le BonNoir Trio vous présente leur premier album MALA.


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