To play with the same musicians for decades is a privilege! Together we have developed our unique sound and musical approach, and build up a very special energy. Whether we come as the full band or as a smaller group, the essence of our strong expression is based on the long musical experience and intimacy that we share.

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In her musical writing Katrine Suwalski is inspired by great composers such as Duke Ellington, Thelonius Monk, Charles Mingus and Abdullah Ibrahim.

Line up:

Katrine Suwalski - Saxophone

Lis Wessberg - Basun

Rikke Schelde - Piano/Vokal

Jens Skou Olsen – Kontrabas

Ayi Solomon - Percussion

Benita Haastrup – Trommer

Katrine Suwalski originally formed her band after a trip to Ghana in 1994.They have been touring regularly in Denmark, Germany and Iceland. They have released four albums:

Message of Love
(Gateway Music 2013 – katsuw 005), featuring avantgarde saxophonist John Tchicai. featuring saxophonist John Tchicai.  With his expressive playing, Tchicai adds new contrasts and colours to the bands organic and tight musical universe.

Rainbow Blues
(Cope Records 2004: copecd 089)

released in DK 2004 and in Korea 2007

River Pra
(Music Mecca 1996: CD 1092-2)

This CD features Ghanaian percussionist Okyerema Pra, who has subsequently appeared in concert with the ensemble on several occasions.

Trommetroldens Sange
(Cope Records 2008)

music for children


“This is a case of a colourful, open, and comprehensive musical universe…. In every way an elevating and promising piece of music that speaks to the heart.” Peter Krog, Djembe Magazine


“Sensitivity, presence, vigour... The flood of tones and the polyrhythmic elements rush forth from every single gesture. With the addition of a naked Nordic tone and a sense for a good tune.” Torben Holleufer, Jazz Special 

… “The musical expression is warm and friendly - with a human pulse and a fine touch of bittersweet... “Five Stars

Kjeld Frandsen Berlingske Tidende

Foto: Rolf Aagaard Svendsen

Katrine Suwalski (DK)

Jazz saxophonist and composer, the front figure of Another World Quartet,

has collaborated with soloist from in and outside Denmark including Bob Moses (US), John Tchicai (DK), Morten Carlsen (DK), Dela Botri (GH), Gameli Tordzro (GH).

She’s composed music for both  kids and adults, instrumentals, songs,

as well as works for the church environment.

Ayi Solomon (GH)

Percussionist- Has lived in Denmark since the 80s. Performs on the international jazz and World Music scene with Randy Brecker, Jerry Bergonzi and Adam Nussbaum among others. Specially known in DK for his collaboration with New Jungle Orchestra og Palle Mikkelborg. He has co-produced five albums with Katrine Suwalski.

Marie Schmidt (DK)

Pianist- Has played for years with Katrine Suwalski in different constellations

which can be heard on their closely knit, experimental and creative interplay.

They’ve together recorded the CDs “River Pra” and Little Boat”.

Marie is also known from the trio- Sophisticated Ladies.

Morten Lundsby (DK)

Denmark has produced a number of amazing bass players since NHØP.

Morten Lundsby, is one of them. He plays in several Danish bands and

has toured the world over.